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10 Reasons Why I’m Decluttering on Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and I’m decluttering.  The plan is to continue organizing my desk.  I no longer want messy drawers filled with old Zip Drive Disks and Computer Software CDs.  I want to remove old 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 calendars.  I want to remove that pile of keys that I have no idea what they unlock.  I want my drawers filled with the office supplies that I use the most – note pads, ink pens, staples and tape.  I am tired of searching for those items on a daily basis.

Hear are 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Mind Spending Part of My Thanksgiving Day Decluttering:

  1. It’s relaxing.  Yes, I find cleaning and organizing relaxing.  It gives me time to relax my mind and get lost in my thoughts.
  2. It allows me to help other families if they can make use of the still-good items that I donate.
  3. EddyIt brings back good memories – for example, I found a nice picture of my first bird, Eddy.
  4. It is clearing up space for Christmas Decorations.
  5. It is clearing up space for my Brother when he comes to visit.
  6. It gives me a blog topic to write about.  This gives me writing practice and a chance to earn money from this website.
  7. It doesn’t cost me any money to declutter.
  8. It makes the house look better.
  9. It feels good to finally make progress on a project that I started a year ago.  Yes, I meant to declutter last year but didn’t get very far.
  10. It’s moving me forward on meeting my goals of having a simpler life with less distractions and more time to pursue other interests.

In case you are wondering, I’m not going to spend my whole Thanksgiving Day on my Decluttering Project.  Just 30 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great Holiday Weekend!

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Happy Thanksgiving Turkey: © Furret –
Eddy – Cockatiel: Diana Poisson

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