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Good Bye Purse Stress

Timbuk2-HarrietPart of mental decluttering is to remove as much stress as possible, including daily purse stress.  Granted, purse stress doesn’t rate as high as financial, family, health and career stress, but it’s still stress.  You may know what I’m talking about each time you waste time searching the insides of your purse looking for your car keys or cellphone.

My purse problems weren’t always due to it being unorganized.  Sometimes it had to do with its size.  For example, my last purse was so huge that I couldn’t fit it in my drawer at work.  Other times it’s the style.  I don’t like purses with too many sections (items really get lost) and I don’t like the types where there is a flap covering the top (pain to open at the checkout stand).  I just want a simple purse that doesn’t annoy me.  I finally found what I was looking for with the Timbuk2 Harriet Shoulder Bag and the Big Skinny Monte Wallet.

More About the Timbuk2 Harriet Shoulder Bag
Timbuk2 is a San Francisco company that manufactures messenger, travel, backpack and laptop bags and various accessories.  I’ve been using their Timbuk2 Harriet Shoulder Bag as my daily bag for two months and am very happy with it.  It’s the perfect size – not as big as my last purse, but not too small that everything is cramped inside.

I use the main pocket for my keys, cellphone, wallet, pen and comb.  I use the smaller inner pocket for a few small personal care products and my spare key.  I keep my store coupons and receipts in the front outer pocket (this gets cleaned out each night).  Sometimes I’ll bring my camera with me and carry it in the outside back pocket.  If I need to carry my 7″ tablet, I can fit it in by doubling the volume space because the purse has a zippered expansion feature.

The inside - Nook Tablet, Comb, Big Skinny Wallet and iPhone.

The inside of my purse – Nook Tablet, Comb, Big SkinnyWallet and iPhone.

See the Timbuk2 Harriet Shoulder Bag on Amazon

More About the Big Skinny Wallet
Big Skinny Wallets are ultra thin so that they take up less space inside your pocket or purse.  But don’t let the smaller size fool you – they’re designed so that you can still carry all of the cards and cash that you need.  I bought one for my Harriet Shoulder Bag because I wanted a smaller sized wallet to go with my smaller sized purse.

My old larger wallet is empty, the Big Skinny Wallet is full of cash and cards.

See how much thinner the Big Skinny Wallet is compared to my old one?  Plus it’s full of cards and cash.

The Big Skinny Women’s Monte Cougar Checkbook Tri-fold Wallet that I bought fits nicely inside my purse and contains 2 clear plastic id pockets, 8 card pockets, a zippered pocket and 2 checkbook sized billfolds.  I have no problem carrying my cash, drivers license, health insurance card, 3 store loyalty cards and 6 credit/debit cards in the main part of the wallet.  I store my coins in the outer zippered pocket.  Note: While writing this post, I realized that I’m carrying too many bank cards.  I’m removing 4 of them from the wallet.

See Big Skinny on Amazon

Decluttering Your Purse
Remember, no matter what size/style of purse you carry, keeping it decluttered benefits you because:

  • there’s fewer items to lose if your purse is lost or stolen
  • there’s less weight to carry which means a decreased risk of hurting your back and shoulders
  • there’s less time wasted searching for specific items

The best way to declutter your purse is to empty it out and only put back what you need to take with you.  When placing your daily essentials back into your purse, keep a mental note as to which section or pocket you’re using for each item.  This makes it easier to find a specific item later.  Another hint is at the end of the day, empty out your purse of any receipts or other miscellaneous items that made their way into your purse.

Now, if your purse needs to be cleaned out, do so now.  It really doesn’t take very long and you’ll be happy that you did.



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Photo Credits: Diana Poisson

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  • Larah Brook May 31, 2014, 7:49 am

    Hi Diana, thanks for your tips on decluttering your purse. I seem to be getting a bigger purse every year, when the old one becomes too small to fit all the store cards and other rubbish, that I seem to be gathering. Maybe I should really go through what it’s needed and what it’s not instead.
    Take care and happy decluttering.

    • Diana May 31, 2014, 12:52 pm

      Hi Larah, I also found that it’s helpful to have a little tray or other gathering spot to store your purse items that you may need to bring with you occasionally. For me, it may be a store loyalty card for a store that I don’t visit often or the keys to the car that I drive once in awhile. Good luck with decluttering your purse and thanks for stopping by!


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