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Two Cool Cord Holders to Keep Your Cables on the Table

Part of my evening routine is to plug in my cell phone, tablet and sometimes my bluetooth headset into their respective cords so that they will be charged and ready to go the next day.  Sounds like a simple task, but in reality it’s not if you have to fish for the charging cords that fell on to the floor.  Having to reach behind tables and shelves to get to the cords is not fun, especially when you’re tired at night.

Another problem with fallen cords is that they are ugly to look at.  At one time, I had five charging cords plugged into the same area of my home office and they twisted around each other and looked very messy.  Having to look at the cord mess sitting on my carpet seemed wrong.  Plus, it was wasted time figuring out which specific cable I needed for a specific device because they all looked the same to me.

Luckily, I found a couple of solutions to my problem.  They may not by Pinterest picture worthy, but they do work.  Both eliminated the cables from falling off the tables and they aren’t too bad to look at.

Red Organizer Box
The red organizer box pictured below was given to me by an elderly lady that I used to work with.  For many years, it just sat on my shelf and didn’t serve any purpose.  But now I use it to store my remote controls and I use it as my cell phone charging station.  The box has a hole in the back for my cables to go through and if I set the cords just right, they won’t fall out of the hole and back onto the floor.


I doubt that many of you will have the same red organizer box that I do, but you can search your home to see if you have anything with a small opening in the back.  I’ve used trays and baskets in the past.  If you are crafty, you can even decorate a shoe box and cut holes in the back of it for your cords to go through.

However, if you aren’t very crafty, then read on.

Quirky Cordies Cable Management System
I first mentioned the Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management in my post, 5 Organizing Gifts for Under 25 Bucks.  I have since purchased one and it has made my life easier.  Now when I’m ready to charge up one of my electronics devices, I just walk over to the shelf that I have the Cordies on, grab the correct cable and plug it in.


As you can see, the Cordies is tiny and won’t clutter up your space.  It’s made out of rubber and it’s heavy enough so that it won’t slide off your table, desk or shelf from the weight of your cables.  It’s a cool little product that keeps your cords organized.  In my opinion, these will make great stocking stuffers since they’re small and not too expensive.  I have the gray colored one, but they also come in blue, green and white so that you can add a splash of color to your room.

See Quirky Cordies on Amazon

What do you use to hold your phone cables down?  If you want, you can post a picture to my Facebook Page.

Photo Credits: Diana Poisson

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