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Getting Started with Michele Connolly’s Get Organized Wizard

A year ago, I wanted to organize my home as the clutter was driving me crazy back then.  I didn’t have a plan so I searched online for some type of Organization Plan.  I found Michele Connolly’s “Get Organized Wizard” and I purchased the Premium Package which centers around these four themes:

  • Time Management
  • Home Organization
  • Business + Technology
  • Life Management

I read most of the material and found plenty of good, solid advice and strategies.  However, I didn’t get very far on completing any of the different programs it contains.  Why?  Because of my indecisiveness on which one to do first.  I wanted to do each of the guides and challenges but since there are so many to choose from, I ended up doing none.

A year later, I am in the same spot.  My house is still cluttered and I still need to manage my time better and work on my long-term goals.  Since I paid for the subscription, I will now use the Get Organized Wizard as my guide to remove clutter and move towards a simpler and happier life.  At this point, I am not sure if I will follow each of her steps exactly or follow all of her systems, but for now, I will use her material as a starting point.

Tomorrow’s task is for me to choose one of Michele Connolly’s organizational products and to read it.  On my next post, I will let you know which one I picked.

If you would like to know more about her system, you can go to the Get Organized Wizard Website.  As a side note, that is my affiliate link.


Diana Poisson

p.s. Do you have an decluttering or organizing system that works for you?

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