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5 Organizing Gifts for Under 25 Bucks

Since Christmas is coming up and my family is asking me what I want for Christmas, I thought I better hurry up and make a list.  In doing so, I decided to challenge myself to find products that are inexpensive, won’t take up much space and will benefit me in my Decluttering Journey.

Cell Phone/Table Power Cord Management
I am keeping my cellphone, headset, tablet and laptop for now as they all are used and serve different purposes.  But of course, they all use different chargers.  I believe that the Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cables will benefit me because I’m tired of having the charging cables slip off of my table top and onto the floor.  I like that I’ll be able to reduce my “cord clutter” with this small and simple product.

To Do List
In theory, to reduce clutter, I should be using my cell phone to keep track of my To Do Lists.  But in reality, I prefer the simplicity of using a pen and paper to write down my short and temporary lists.  I can write a grocery list on paper ten times faster than I can type in the same list using my small cell phone keyboard.  Right now, my various lists are written in various notepads and on the backs of envelopes.  I like the To Do Pad – Blue by Knock Knock because it is colorful and it stands out.

Storage Boxes for Important Documents
Even if I go to a paperless office, there will always be some important papers that need to be kept.  Right now, I store mine in basic white bankers boxes.  There is nothing wrong with bankers boxes as they are the perfect size, but I would like to surround myself with nicer looking things.  The Snap-N-Store Letter and Legal File Box is both functional and fashionable!

Laundry Hamper
I keep a plastic laundry basket in the master bedroom for my DH and I to toss our dirty laundry in.  On laundry day, I just carry the basket to the washing maching that is out in the garage.  This system works for me, but I am tired of looking at dirty clothes and the basket is ugly.  I believe the Rubbermaid 4D06 Configurations 23-Inch Foldable Laundry Hamper, Natural is a more stylish storage container for my dirty clothes.

Toilet Paper Storage
The floor space surrounding my bathroom toilets is unused.  It seems to make sense to get an InterDesign Aria Toilet Tissue Reserve Canister to store extra toilet paper.  I can put one next to each toilet.  By doing so, I will gain extra room underneath the bathroom sink and the garage shelves where we currently store the all important TP.

I know that the above items may not be the “normal” Christmas gifts that people ask for.  However, they make sense to me because I am on a Decluttering Journey.  I want my home to be organized, functional and to look nice.  Even ordinary everyday items need attention too.

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