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Decluttering the Closet

I have a closet full of clothes that I don’t wear.  It bothers me because it looks messy. I get unhappy whenever I put the clothes away after doing laundry.  I have to search for unused hangers and cram the clothes inside.  All of the extra clothes in my closet are making me miserable.

I know that there isn’t any good reason to have all of those clothes.  Some don’t fit.  Some have holes in them.  Some just aren’t my style.  Yet I am holding on to them.  It’s time to get rid of them and clear out the clothes clutter.

Here are the steps that I took to declutter my clothes:

I decided on which items to keep and which to donate
I decided that the best way for me to tackle this project was to start at one end of the closet and go through each article of clothing.  For each piece, I made a decision on whether to keep or to donate.  My decision was based on these questions:

  • Have I worn it in the past six months?
  • Does it fit well?
  • Do I like it?

Some clothes were easy to decide on.  I kept my work shirts, my exercise clothes, my jackets, my pants and my favorite robes and shirts.  These are items that I wear regularly.

The clothes that are still in good condition but no longer fit were the hardest to remove.  If I could just lose 15 pounds, I would have a new wardrobe.  I had to talk myself into removing them by telling myself:

  • I haven’t worn them in years
  • I may not lose the weight
  • I can buy new clothes if I want
  • These clothes are making me unhappy because they are taking up too much room in my closet

It was hard, but I finally removed 32 pieces of clothing:


At this point, I was very scared to donate the items.  My mind was going through an internal battle on whether I should donate them right away or hold onto them for another six months.  I decided to just leave the clothes on the table until the next day.

I organized the remaining items
I have all of my work shirts in the middle right of the closet and my jackets are on the far right.  These are the items that I reach for the most and since I’m right handed, it made sense for me to arrange my clothes that way.  The items that I don’t wear as much are on the left side of the closet.

I turned the hangers around
I read this tip in a few other blogs – Turn your hangers around so they are facing backwards.  Each time you wear something, turn the hanger back around so it’s facing the normal direction.  In six months, donate the clothes that are still on the “backwards” hangers.


This is what my closet looks like now.  I’m surprised that it still looks so full even with removing 32 items.  I counted, I still have 50 in there.

Diana Clothes After

I Donated
As mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure if I could donate the clothes are not.  The next day, I decided to just do it.  I packed them up in paper bags, placed them in my car and dropped them off at the donation center.

This was a tough task mentally and it took a couple of hours to do.  But I’m glad that I did it.

Photo Credits: Clothes in the Closet and Hangers: Diana Poisson

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