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Decluttering Project #1: Cleaning the Home Office

For my first decluttering project, I decided to go with Michele Connolly’s “7 Days to an Organized Home Office”.  I believe a clean office will be the most beneficial for me at this time.  I want to spend more time on my blogs and as mentioned in my About Page, the clutter distracts me.  Plus, I have two other reasons as to why this room is the most logical place to start:

  1. This room doubles as the guest room.  In a few weeks, my brother will be visiting for Christmas so it needs to be cleaned up.
  2. The majority of the items in the room are mine.  I was already told by my husband and mother that I can’t touch any of their stuff.  So it’s good that I can start in a room where I won’t be tempted to toss their clutter.

Today’s plan is to skim over the program material and then start the Day 1 Task after work tonight.  When I read Michele Connolly’s material earlier this year, I remember that it is quick reading.

Here is what type of stuff resides in my home office and what I tentatively plan on doing with everything:

Items That Will Stay

  • Rolltop Desk – too heavy to move and no where else to put it.
  • TV and Roku player – this is what I use to watch Netflix.
  • Computer and Printer – can’t part with these items.
  • Chair and Ottoman – this doubles as the guest bed and there is no place else in the house to put them.  Because my living room doubles as my home gym, I had to clear out some of the living room furniture.

Large Items That I’m Not Sure What to Do With

  • End Table – this was moved into the home office to clear out space in the living room for my home gym.  I may see if I can move it back into the living room.
  • Exercise Bike – this is 1/2 of my husband’s, so I’m not allowed to dispose of it.  However, no one uses it.
  • Bookshelf – actually, I would like to get rid of it, but before I do, I need to get rid of the stuff on the shelves first.

Items that I Should Donate:

  • All of the old clothes in the closet.
  • The birdcage that my bird dislikes – maybe donate it to Kathy the Bird Lady or R & C  in case they get more baby chickens.
  • Old computer parts – donate to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Jane Fonda Step Bench – big, takes up space, but I don’t use it.  Should package it up with my Jane Fonda and Cher Exercise Tapes and VCR and donate it as a group.

Items that I’m Unsure About:

  • Scrapbook  and Sewing Supplies – I don’t scrapbook or sew but I would like to.  I should box up these items up and put them on probation for 6 months.  If I don’t create a craft area within the next 6 months, then donate them.
  • Pillows – should move to hallway linen closet or dispose of.
  • Colored Organizing Drawers – will decide if I need them once I go through the drawers.
  • Duffle Bags, Tote Bags and Old Purses – keep or donate?

At the very least, I will definitely get rid of the AT&T Cellphone and Barnes and Noble Nook packaging that is hanging in the closet.  Both of those items are well past their return period.

Bags MDC

I’m very excited to start my Home Office Decluttering project.  I hope in 7 days, that it will be clutter-free.

Photo Credits:
Laptop with the Word Organize: © Stuart Miles –
AT&T and Nook Bags: Diana Poisson

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