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What To Do When You Have Messy Visitors

My brother came to visit during Christmas week.  He is not the cleanest person.  Which is fine, I accept him as he is.  However, he slept in my home office/guest room, which is the one that I just organized.

This room is where I enjoy my “me” time.  This is where I read, watch Netflix, learn to blog, write and have some private time.   Over the past few weeks, I spent time decluttering and I made the space peaceful and relaxing.  It’s a room that I can escape in.

I didn’t mind handing it over to my brother.  He is family and I want my guests to feel comfortable.  I moved my computer into the living room and all was good.  Since it was Christmas week, I figured that I would take a week off from decluttering.  Well, I ended up decluttering part of my clothes closet and a kitchen shelf, but other than that, I didn’t declutter.

Anyway, this is what the room turned into with my brother here:

No more floor space and I can't get to the closet.

No more floor space and I can’t get to the closet.

Believe it or not, the loss of floor space and the extra garbage didn’t bother me.  I knew it was only temporary.  It was more important to make my brother feel comfortable.  I didn’t want him to feel like he had keep all of his belongs contained in one spot.  Plus, it really wasn’t his fault.  I didn’t exactly have an empty dresser for him to put his stuff in.

Go With the Flow
I have learned that sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow.  It’s not worth getting worked up about the small things.  Does it really matter if the room was a disaster area for seven days?  No, it doesn’t.  I survived it and the room will be back to normal soon.

My advice for when visitors arrive?  Just go with the flow and enjoy your time with them.

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