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Lessons I Learned From My No Facebook Challenge

Last week, I challenged myself with going six days without Facebook.  You can read about my reasons in my post, My Challenge: 6 Days of No Facebook.  Today, I will tell you how I did and what I learned.

How I Did
I cheated.  I peeked.  I sent one private message.  But, I didn’t log in everyday.  I didn’t like or comment on any status reports.  I was not on for more than 5 minutes at a time.  It was just a quick glance during idle times – standing in line or in between things.

What I Learned
I learned that reducing my Facebook time didn’t bother me so much.

I learned that I don’t need to see constant updates on what people are eating, what they just bought or what their newly polished nails look like.  To any of my Facebook friends that may be reading this:  Please don’t get offended and tell me that I can unfriend you.  I don’t want to unfriend you.  I enjoy your posts.  I have also posted the ordinary details of my life.  But going a few days without Facebook has shown me that I can survive if I miss a few status reports.

I learned that I actually have time to write.  Lately, I’ve been frustrated because I haven’t written very many new posts.  Writing is hard for me and I do it best when I can concentrate on it without any interruptions.  I work during the day, so my ideal time to write is early in the mornings.  Well, guess what?  Facebook was taking up my morning quiet time.

My #1 Facebook Time Waster
It’s not the reading.  It’s not the liking or commenting.  It’s the notifications.  I finally figured this out the day after my challenge ended.  That morning, I checked Facebook.  I kept Facebook open in the browser window while I opened up a second browser window to get to either WordPress or Google Docs where I do my writing.

I soon realized that I wasn’t writing.  Rather, I was switching back and forth between my writing and Facebook.  My mistake was not closing Facebook down completely.  While I was trying to write, I was getting distracted by my Facebook notifications.

I learned that my #1 Facebook Time Waster was checking each notification as it popped up.  Each time someone tagged me, commented in a conversation that I joined or wrote on one of my status reports, I was notified.  And each time, I quit writing and checked to see who said what.

No more.  From now on, I will remove Facebook as one of my automatic startup pages for my browser and when I am done with Facebook, I will close that browser window.

I am not going to completely give up Facebook.  I will reduce my time on it. I recognize that letting Facebook get in the way of my writing and other goals is not good.  But deactivating my account is not necessary.  It’s all about finding balance.  There is a time to write and there is a time for Facebook.  But I won’t do both at the same time anymore.

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