Decluttering My Life, One Step at a Time

About Diana

This blog is where I’ll share my progress in clearing the clutter from my house and from my mind.  I believe by doing so, I’ll progress to a more satisfying life where I have less stress, more time and better focus to concentrate on meaningful activities.

Diana MDCHi, I’m Diana and I work full time in retail sales.  I’m married, have a bird named Patty and my mom lives with us.  Another fact about me is that I’m in the process of decluttering both my home and mind.

Home clutter consists of all of those unused and unloved objects that takes up space in my closets, drawers and surface areas.  All of this stuff brings me more misery than satisfaction.  The clutter wastes my time when I have to spend extra minutes searching for a matching pair of socks or for the cinnamon spice jar.  The clutter annoys me when I can’t find an empty spot to put things away.  The clutter surrounding my desk distracts me when I’m trying to focus.  Plus, I’m tired of looking at all of the “junk” that sits on top of my shelves.  I would love to clear it all off and replace it with either beautiful items or make my spaces more functional.

Mind clutter is harder to define but basically it’s all of my time-wasters, time commitments, to-do lists, Facebook / Email notifications, worries, fears and thoughts that keep me from living in the moment or concentrating on a specific task.

For example, I want to earn a 2nd income by creating websites and writing online articles.  I am still a beginner in both areas and both require tremendous concentration on my part.  Since I have about one hour a day to work on my online income goals, it’s very important for me to make good use of my hour.  However, usually not much gets done as I’m thinking about what to make for lunch, my weight or I’m checking Facebook. Before I know it, my hour is over and I didn’t accomplish very much.  This makes me frustrated.

Anyway, I’ve been working on both my home and mind decluttering since late November 2013.  I’ve made progress on cleaning up my office area and cleaning my clothes closet. I’m also working on going towards a paperless office.  I’m making an effort to not check Facebook in the mornings until after I work on my websites first.  I still have a lot to do and I’m committed to making a little bit of progress on my decluttering goals each day.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and it’ll make my day if you said hello sometime by leaving a comment or sending me an email at


Diana Poisson

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About Me!

I'm Diana and this where I share my progress, tips and everything I learn while I progress towards my goal of a simpler life!

I want less distractions, less stress and more time to focus on what matters to me. I believe that decluttering my home and my mind are the first steps in achieving that.

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