Decluttering My Life, One Step at a Time


To keep myself accountable, here is a log on what I am doing.  My weeks run Monday through Sunday.

Week 1 – Nov 25, 2013 to Dec 1, 2013

  • Mon: Made the decision to clean the Home Office. Chose to use Michele Connolly’s Get Organized Wizard as a guide and began reading the material. Cleaned off the top of my desk and began cleaning out drawers.
  • Tues: Did not make any progress – took my mom out to dinner instead for her birthday.
  • Wed: Continued cleaning desk drawers and other drawers.  Rearranged objects so the items that I use most (pens, staples, checks) are nearby and moved the less frequently used items away from the desk.
  • Thurs (Thanksgiving): Continued cleaning out the drawers, focusing on the items that I will either throw away, recycle or donate.  Some items that I am undecided on were moved out of the room to deal with later.
  • Fri: Did a lot!  Moved the exercise bike out of this room.  Moved the filing cabinet that stores my bills/receipts into this room.  Also moved a bookshelf from the living room into this room.  Thinking this may be my future craft area.  Delivered old clothes, books, exercise tapes, Jane Fonda bench to Goodwill.  Purchased new file folders to replace the ratty file folders.  Still a lot of stuff and rearranging to do, but the room looks better.  Also, decluttered a few spaces in the living room and master bedroom.
  • Sat: Cleaned out and reorganized the filing cabinet drawer that stores my bills.  Threw away old 2011 and 2012 lottery tickets.  Becoming very overwhelmed with the whole Decluttering Project.

Filing Cabinet

  • Sun: Today I was not in the mood to declutter, but I still forced myself to spend 30 minutes doing something.  Went through a few drawers and found items to donate.  Threw away all of the business cards that I saved over the past 10 years.  Got my donation bag ready to deliver tomorrow.

Week 2 – Dec 2, 2013 to Dec 8, 2013

  • Mon: I spent an hour reorganizing my bookshelves and figuring out where to put all of my chargers for my various electronic devices.  Didn’t make as much progress as I thought I would.
  • Tues:  Continued with the bookshelves.  Still have more to do, but the room looks much better.  I enjoy being in this room much more now.
  • Wed : Nothing – took the night off from decluttering!
  • Thurs thru Sat: Eeek, life and work got in the way.  Didn’t get any decluttering done.
  • Sun: Decided to work on a different room other than the home office.  Today I organized my sock drawer.  I’ve been wasting time each morning searching for matching socks.  I threw away all of the holy underwear and socks.  I also decluttered the medicine cabinet in the master bathroom and dusted off the shelves.  Decided it was about time to throw away bathroom supplies that have expired.

Week 3 – Dec 9, 2013 to Dec 15, 2013

  • Mon: Continued working in the bathroom.  Cleaned out two bathroom drawers.  Ended up throwing away a few extra hairbrushes and tweezers that we never use.  Starting to think that I’m a hoarder.
  • Tue: Took the night off!
  • Wed: Threw out a bunch of old cleaning supplies from underneath the bathroom sink.  Also went through more bathroom supplies.  The bathroom storage spaces are clean and organized.  Happy that I have a room done!
  • Thurs: Began cleaning out the linen closet.  Found some vacuum storage bags in the linen closet that were not being used.  Filled them with sheets, pillow cases and blankets.  These items are officially on a six month probation.

Sheets and Blankets


  • Friday: Success on the linen closet.  Between the vacuum packing from last night and permanently removing a few sheet sets to donate, I was able to clear out the top shelf. This shelf now holds the five pillows that were in my home office closet.  For now, I am done with the linen closet.  I will revisit it later to pick out a few more items that should be donated.
  • Saturday: Day off from Decluttering!
  • Sunday: Last week I posted my exercise bike for sale on Facebook.  I sold it and so today I loaded it into my vehicle to deliver it.  I am happy that I made a little extra money from my decluttering!  Removing the bike from the house cleared up a lot of floor space.

Exercise Bike

Week 4 – Dec 16, 2013 to Dec 22, 2013

  • Monday: Delivered exercise bike to my friend!
  • Tuesday: Took the night off – went out to dinner instead.
  • Wednesday: I need to get the living room cleaned up before my brother gets here on Thursday.  Started to work on the bookshelves and became depressed with it all.  There is so much stuff.  I started with a drawer on the bottom of our bookshelves and found a Zach Randolph BobbleHead Doll still in the box.  Decided to keep that for now, but threw away some old papers that I found.  I was able to clear out 1/2 of a drawer.

Zach Randolph Bobblehead Doll


  • Thursday: Continued cleaning the living room bookshelves.  Filled up a few bags with items to donate.  Straightened out the shelves so that they look better.
  • Friday: Delivered bags to the Salvation Army.

Donation Bags

  • Saturday and Sunday: My brother came to visit and he will be staying at my home for a week.  Between him visiting and it being just a few days before Christmas, I am not sure how much I will get done.  Maybe I can give him some of my clutter to take home?

Week 5 – Dec 23, 2013 to Dec 29, 2013
I organized my clothes in the master bedroom closet.  To see how I did, please go to my post, Decluttering the Closet.  I didn’t do any other decluttering as it was Christmas week and my brother was here.

Weeks 6 and 7 –  Dec 30, 2013 to Jan 12, 2014
Ugh.  I hate to admit it, but life got in the way. Long work hours and working on other goals – writing – took up most of my spare time.  Don’t worry, decluttering is still on my brain.  How do you find time to get everything done?  Any advice is welcomed! 

Weeks 7 and 8 – Jan 13, 2014 to Jan 26, 2014
For household decluttering, it’s mostly been Scan and Shredding.  I now have a document scanner and a high-capacity shredder, so I have been slowly going through my filing cabinet.  So far, I don’t need to keep most of my old papers, so they have been going straight to the shredder.  For new mail and paperwork, it’s being scanned into the computer and then shredded.

For mental decluttering, I did Michele Connelly’s 7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management program during Week 8.  It’s amazing how I can relate to every topic that she covers.  I love her advice – it gave me the tools that I needed to get up and write a blog post yesterday morning before work.  It’s a great program available to purchase on it’s own, but I recommend signing up for the Premium Subscription as then you have access to all of her programs (better value for your money).  Please note that the above link is my affiliate link to her website.

Photo Credits: All by Diana Poisson

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